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FUTBOLIST one of the top ESPORTS ORGANIZATIONS signing the First ASIAN FIFA player ever “SAKSHAM RATTAN”

EsportzNow brings you SAKSHAM RATTAN who was recently signed by FUTBOLIST!

Saksham Rattan who has been part of the FIFA Esports scene for over 5 years has been grinding his way through many top tier tournaments within the country and has finally found his dream team in the form of FUTBOLIST. One of the best esports organizations out there.

We had a great time chatting with Saksham who told us so much about the scene, the game as well as the organization Futbolist, and the challenges that a player faces while becoming a professional.

When asked about the challenges he faced during the phase of going pro, Saksham gave us insights on how grinding is the obvious course, but there’s also getting used to the glitches and the bugs the game offered and adapting to playing around these glitches was the key. Also how luck plays its part during several tournaments and one can easily find himself getting knocked out while one could’ve won it all the way.

Saksham also talks about FUTBOLIST the organization and players sponsored by them. Also, the type of exposure he has got thanks to the tryouts held by FUTBOLIST.

There’s so much more to a professional player than what meets the eye and Saksham has indeed brought it forward, especially to the ones out there wanting to go pro, need to realise that nothing comes in easy and one has to give his best, whether it’s convincing your family or the grind that’s needed to be the best!

Indeed we could go on with the wonderful chat with Saksham Rattan, but it’s way better to be able to connect with his own words!!

Here’s the one of a kind video chat with  Saksham Rattan –

Shout-out to Mr.Cesur!

We also had an opportunity to ask Saksham’s lovely parents of what they thought of or how they felt letting their child wander into the realm of gaming where they haven’t explored it themselves?

Saksham’s parents – We have two sons. Both of them were quite good at sports in their school days. However, succumbing under societal pressure, both of them went ahead to pursue their Engineering degrees putting their sports passion on the back burner
Our elder son got a job in his relevant field in one of the best organisation, Tata Motors Limited, a $ 6 billion global company, after completing his Automobile engineering. But we noticed that he was not enjoying his life even after that because his prime interest was in sports

Noticing that we decided to extend full support to our younger son, Saksham, when our elder son, Aashray, informed us that Saksham wanted to give preference to Esports for a year or so after completing his engineering

We faced lots of pressure from our friends and relatives, who cautioned us that we are gambling with the future of our son for a sport which is not at all popular in India and which has a huge amount of uncertainty. But this time, we didn’t pay heed to all such negative thoughts and decided to trust the decision and desire of our son so that he is also not forced to live in regrets and remorse in future that “he could have achieved his desire if someone had stood by his decision and desire”

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1 Comment

  1. Shikha

    July 4, 2019 at 3:45 pm

    Very nice.. impressive

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