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Fortnite’s New Update Hails The Arrival Of Their Long-Awaited “Party Royale” Mode

Fortnite recently introduced a new Party Royale mode, a game mode with no guns, building, or violence. The mode arrived in the form of a large update for the game. Epic Games has thoroughly capitalized on the extensive lockdown put in place due to the COVID-19 crisis, and fortunately, Party Royale is a humongous step in the right direction. It is full of exciting new things to do, and is a great way for friends to interact virtually and be social to a certain extent, even though social distancing standards don’t allow people to physically congregate. Fortnite is still one of the biggest names in gaming and has even begun to take the steps to expand outside of just the gaming space. Recently, Fortnite teamed up with Travis Scott to bring an interactive concert into the game world. Here, players were able to participate in Astronomical, the concert by Travis Scott, with graphically impressive visuals and no combat. Player’s would be taken on a journey across the cosmos, a massive leap away from what the battle royale giant is known for. The massive success of this concert has inspired Epic to hold another such in-game musical event. Set in the Party Royale Mode, the game tested the waters with a small-scale Diplo concert, and have now scheduled explosive and entertaining concerts with Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki And Deadmau5! 

Now to get back to the release of their Party Royale mode. The Party Royale mode differs from the mainline Battle Royale game mode is a massive way. For starters, players are tasked to do almost absolutely nothing, as this game mode is just an environment for players to explore with very minimal goals and no combat. The map is much smaller than the Battle Royale, and players are encouraged to just hang out in this location. While it may seem boring on a surface level, there are a decent amount of activities within this mode for those who choose to take a break from the classic Battle Royale or Save The World modes. For instance, players can: 

● Explore a brand new island that is unavailable in Battle Royale. 

● Participate in Time Trials for Sky-diving, Boat-driving, And Cart Racing. 

● Practice their Sky-diving skills by stepping into Warps. 

● Visit the Concert Venue to spectate a show. 

● Step into a changing booth and change outfits mid game. 

● Utilize unique weapons such as the Paint Launcher, Water Balloons, and Burger Grenade. 

For those who decide to explore the new game mode but soon want to switch back to the highly-addictive Battle Royale, you can do so by interacting with the Battle Bus! 

Fortnite is quite evidently making an attempt to become less of just a video game and more of a popular social platform for all. With the success of Travis Scott’s Astronomical concert, it is expected for Epic Games to continue trying to make the game transcend its medium, and not just with musical events. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they will begin putting less emphasis on the actual gameplay in the Battle Royale and Save The World modes, which is clear based on all of the precise updates that they are releasing in rapid succession to meet players’ demands and address any and every in-game issue (which have been rising due to the explosive increase in player counts). It’s impressive how the title continues to evolve after being around for so long. Just a few months ago, people began referring to the game as “dying out”, and it was true that Fortnite temporarily lost its appeal and decreased in popularity (primarily due to the loss of media coverage). Yet, as new updates continue to release, Fortnite is moving to cement its place as one of the greatest online games of all time, and it clearly has no plans to escape the public spotlight anytime soon either!

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