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Fortnite Sharks: Loot Sharks and find locations

Fortnite Sharks: Loot Sharks and find locations

Known officially as Loot Sharks, are one of many new additions to Season 3. Part loot source, part vehicle and part threat, they are hard to find and pin down.

In Season 3, Epic Games added in some sharks, but if one attempts to catch one he is going to be somewhat disappointed. One can not catch sharks in Fortnite, but an attempt to do so there is something waiting for the gamer.

Sharks unsurprisingly appear within the water areas of Fortnite, but are harder to find than one thinks. With the Season 3 map comprising mostly of water, one would expect them to be everywhere – but sharks appear to be rare spawns. But if one drives around in a boat while in the water then one will find one eventually. One can even take the shark out of water and ride it there, although similar to boats it doesn’t ride quite as well while out of water.

One needs a Fishing Rod to ride a shark and will be found in Chests and also in barrels at the end of some piers. Once one gets his hands on a Fishing Rod, he should throw out a line at the shark and will be able to ride it like a jet ski!

Alternatively, non-player characters on the map such as Henchmen – will fire at sharks on sight. This is useful as one will see the shark’s health bar from a distance, saving some trouble finding them – and helping one lower their health at the same time.

Loot Sharks can be defeated for loot, but take a lot of damage before giving their spoils up. One needs plenty of ammo and a good vantage point without any other players getting in the way. Once defeated, they’ll leave loot behind. This can include some of the more rarer weapon types in the game.

Start locating and looting now! The game is on!

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