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Fifa 20: EA bans cheaters A step towards making the game fair!

Electronic Arts seem to have finally ended its sleep and have begun to take the matter seriously. Many testimonies of gamers have appeared who received a 999-day ban for violating the rules of conduct imposed by the Canadian software house.

The weekend league has always been the most important mode in FIFA 20’s FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). But currently, there seems to be a glitch endangering competitive integrity. Abusing a glitch in FIFA 20, there is currently a way to prevent losses from registering, the ‘No Loss Glitch’!

It is unclear how exactly the glitch works, but it is quite the glaring issue that EA has started to work on. They have also addressed the fact seriously, “At EA, we believe in the power of positive play. Being part of a gaming community should be positive, fun, fair, and safe for all. Like with most communities, we have positive play guidelines to help make sure our games and services are an enjoyable experience for all players. Whether you’re new to gaming or have been an active player for years, we need your help to make this a community we all want to be part of”.

So it is very much clear that EA wants to draw curtains on the unwanted components from the game before the release of Fifa 21! “EA is committed to building healthy communities. We’re not here to drop the ban hammer unless we absolutely need to. We will take action to protect our players against harmful behaviours, cheating, harmful content, and illegal activities. When you sign up for an EA account and/or use an EA Service, you agree to the rules in our User Agreement by checking the “I Agree” box”. Now the onus is on the gamers to keep it clean!

Gaming is competitive; cheating is disgrace!

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