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Rainbow Six Siege continues to impress

With over four years under its belt, Rainbow Six Siege continues to evolve as a unique, tactical shooter experience that hasn’t really been duplicated anywhere else. Every new Siege seasonal update adds something new to shake up the meta, forcing players to adjust and adapt to changes in the beautiful chaos of operator abilities and destructive environments found in each match.

Siege’s base design hasn’t changed over time, with 5v5, no-respawn matches of attack and defence rounds. Tactical gunplay is still crucial and highly satisfying, and one is never really safe in highly-destructible environments. But Siege’s ever-growing talent pool of attacking and defending operators keep the matches spicy.

The game asks for a tactical team composition! One can achieve defensive-round wins just by using the operator Castle on the “Villa” map, where Castle’s reinforced panels make it very hard to reach the objective on the lower level of the map without an attacker that’s equipped with some sort of breaching device. So one always needs to communicate operator picks with the team. Defensive rounds require strategic moves and high awareness, as some of Siege’s added arsenal of attacking operators are even sneakier with their abilities.

Recently a lot of social media posts and YouTube videos from the competitive community, who are very passionate about the game they play, pointing out a lot of flaws within Siege. Some pro players believe that Ubisoft isn’t listening to them. Pro player Niclas ‘Pengu’ Mouritzen released a 2-hour video that discusses everything he believes is currently wrong with Siege. The rant includes everything from certain visual or sound glitches that can affect situational awareness to the request to have dead bodies disappear from the match so players can’t hide in the bodies for a cheap kill. Some of these are completely valid complaints that can be factored in Pro League matches or Ranked play, but some are very rare situations that could lead the casual player to believe that the game is nearly dead or busted, which is far from the truth.

Siege tries to keep things fresh with seasonal updates that introduce new operators and maps. These seasonal shake-ups keep drawing the gamer back to the game, but new bugs follow too. However, this isn’t just a Siege problem. The same can be said about other shooters with seasonal updates like Modern Warfare and Fortnite. It’s a vicious cycle as every time new additions get made to the game something else seems to break. Despite the flaws, there’s nothing game-breaking happening in Siege that makes it unplayable. Ubisoft is making it sure to go all out with Siege’s limited-time events. Each one has its own unique theme and ruleset!

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