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Recreate your own room: Valve Index users

Recreate your own room: Valve Index users

In the ever-evolving quest to never have to take our VR headsets off, Valve recently released a new feature for Index users that can accurately project the room around us in 3D space.

Valve’s Index headset has had a pass through view feature since launch, but the company has just released an experimental update which aims to make the view through the cameras more realistic by creating a synthetic image that more closely matches what our eyes should actually see.

Valve calls it ‘Room View 3D’, and if someone is having an Index headset he himself can check it out by installing the SteamVR beta version 1.13, and then enabling ‘3D’ in SteamVR’s ‘Camera’ options. In this update, Valve also updated Index’s firmware to reduce the latency of the headset’s cameras.

The biggest rub for Room View 3D right now is its exclusivity to the Valve Index. It’d be great to see the feature cleaned up and become a standard of VR headsets someday in the future.

Gradually virtualization is turning out to be closer to reality; it is needed because there is nothing virtual really, just a presentation of a platform from a different aspect!

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