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Toxicity in esports: A hindrance


What is Fair Play?

If we  refer to someone’s attitude or behaviour as fair play, we approve of it because it shows respect and empathy  towards everyone, even towards people who are thought to be wrong or to deserve punishment. But how many do really abide by the above definition?

As we know that esports is gradually turning out to be something that might earn livelihood to many, it is also becoming a bit ruthless when it comes to bullying or disrespect someone in-game! The instances, which are against the spirit of competition, are creeping up every now and then.

To deal this scenario, Riot Games is trying to patent a ‘good behaviour’ island to help deal with toxicity within League of Legends. Similarly other developers should also induce something that will help dealing with toxic gamers.

Riot’s proposed patent would look to reward positive players with improved matchmaking. The patent seems to detail a system that is configured to match-make players based on a profile commendation database wherein the user matching system is configured to match the first user with another user based at least in part on the behavioural data in the first user’s profile. This comes in the wake of a company-wide focus on dealing with negative in-game behaviour, such as with the recent Code of Conduct for Valorant players.

Rewarding players for good in-game behaviour seems purely positive in-premise, but there are still a number of questions and concerns that need to be answered. How efficient the system would be?

Whatever it is, a game can’t go on against its spirit! So something has to be devised to keep the game fair and running!

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