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Valorant 1.02 patch: Surrender Soon!


As mentioned by Valorant Game Director @RiotZiegler, players can expect the “Run/Walk Toggle” to be implemented in the next patch release. What’s more, they have also confirmed that the “rated (competitive mode) will likely be out sometime next week.” They stated that the team is “spending this week putting together that release and making sure it is good”.

Along with that VALORANT senior producer Ian Fielding explained that a surrender option is being ‘introduced with Patch 1.02’. As of now, Valorant keeps growing and as a game with new updates and features constantly aiming at improved gameplay experience.

The significance of the ‘Surrender’ option may be summed up as, suppose the enemy is approaching match point, and you just want to be done with a crappy game already. Surrendering can be great for relieving a headache, especially when in-game communication is getting toxic. Some might say that players should just have to persist through a discouraging match, but surrendering has more practical uses too. If a teammate has to leave for a pressing issue or abandons the game without a word, it’s useful to have the option to throw in the towel and jump in another game.

Furthermore, patch 1.02 will be fixing the Sovereign Ghost skin issue so that players can purchase the skin for levels 2-7, which currently remains disabled. There have been several reported bugs in Valorant, some old and some newly discovered. Riot Games should be squashing most of them with the next update as well. The more problematic issues such as Valorant crashing to desktops, frame-rates dipping here and there, are what players hope will be addressed soon. So Valorant is gearing up to be more accomplishing!

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