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CS:GO – Valve takes initiative to prevent CHEATING


A tweet from the official CS:GO Twitter account and an accompanying blog post announced that Valve will now restrict third-party software from interacting with the game in an effort to better combat cheating.

The short blog post announced that Valve will now block many third-party applications from running alongside CS:GO, but it declined to mention the exact type of softwares that will be blocked. The update is currently live in CSGO’s beta. Developers say that while users can disable the option, players who choose not to block the un-named programs will have their trust factor lowered.

The beta will ‘significantly restrict’ the number of third-party programs and files which are allowed to interact with the game, thus reducing the likelihood of cheaters running any sort of cheating software in the background. In case a player runs the game with these types of restricted programs, they’ll receive a warning after launching the game which will indicate the name of the blocked file and will be prevented from joining any VAC-secure servers. To fix this issue, players can choose to disable the ‘Trusted Launch’ which can be found in the in-game settings, however doing so might temporarily reduce the trust factor of the player, as mentioned by the devs in their blog post.

CS:GO’s ‘trust factor’ is an indicator that Valve uses to root out suspected cheaters. No one knows exactly how Valve calculates a player’s trust factor, but the developer has revealed that it is based on a combination of account age, reports against users, and playtime. An experienced player who creates a new Steam account to play with their lower-ranked friends, for example, will likely have a low trust factor. Low trust scores act like what some call a ‘shadow ban’, meaning that accounts with low trust will only be matched with other low-trust accounts. But it can’t be denied that the developers have started to make their titles cleaner!

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