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Worlds 2020 Shanghai The pinnacle of League of Legends!

The World Championship for the title, ‘League of Legends’ will be taking place from September 25 till October 31, 2020, in Shanghai, China. One of the biggest events in esports had a record-breaking viewership of over 3 million 985 thousand in its last edition in 2019 held in Berlin, Madrid and Paris. This year it will be Riot’s 10th edition of the event.

The whole event has been divided into 3 stages – Play-In Stage, Group Stage, and the ultimate Knockout Stage that includes QFs, SFs and Finals. The Finals have been scheduled to be held at Pudong Football Stadium, Shanghai with a capacity of 33,765 spectators. 

Let’s come to its participating teams; basically regions having consistent performing teams are more in number competing directly at the Group Stage, whereas the other regions have less number of teams competing at the Play-In stage.

This year 22 teams will be pitted against each other to lift the crown of the World Champions. The newest addition is the South-East Asia PCS (Pacific Championship Series) region with two teams from the same, fourth-seeded team from China LPL and Europe LEC.

A very significant change this year will be its attempt to reduce the gap between the prize money received by the winning and the second-placed team; so that a better distribution of the Worlds prize pool can be made among the teams who don’t gain anything from the sales of its skins.

Dates to be marked⬇️

Play-In Stage – Sept 25 to Sep 30, 2020

Group Stage: Oct 3 to Oct 6 & Oct 8 Oct 11, 2020

Knockout Stage: 

QFs – Oct 15 to Oct 18, 2020

SFs – Oct 24 to Oct 25, 2020

Finals – Oct 31, 2020

The battle for the highest crown of LoL will span just over a period of one month with only 8 teams surviving for the knockouts! But who is going to be the last one to survive? A bit of patience and the best will come out flying colours on October 31, 2020👊

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