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God of War sequel to return in PS5 Ragnarok will be back in 2021!

2005 marks the year of a flagship entry for God of War on PS2 by Sony’s Santa Monica Studio. It reached new heights once it was released on PS4 in 2018. Since 2018 it has been a wait for more than 2 years for its sequel.

The wait is going to be over sometime around 2021 with a clear indication from Sony in the latest showcase event held on September 16, 2020. If something can be made out by its teaser then Kratos and his son Atreus will be engaged in bloody battles with the Gods and stalwarts of Norse pantheon including the mighty Thor! 

Sony is also introducing all its previous releases included in their brand new PS Plus Collection that will give the gamers to relate with the former versions on PS5. PS Plus Collection on PS5 will entitle the gamers with a collection of the best titles like Batman Arkham Knight, Bloodborne and many more flagship titles! 

The plot where God of War ended; left many spaces for the devs to make a meatier one in its sequel. The theme got depth to be made into a grand rendezvous of an Action-Adventure game of hack and slash! However whatever we have come to know from the sequel teaser that is too little to reach any conclusion at the moment. But we can expect something big and better for sure from Santa Monica!

With the next-gen console to be releasing on November 12, 2020 – the gamers are dying to immerse themselves into a new aura of  technological wonder; God of War Sequel along with other age defining titles will definitely add to this insane craze!

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