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Hearthstone World Championship 2020

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The title with its historic entry at the 2018 Asian Games, Jakarta–Palembang as a demonstration sport will crown the best in the game in the fall of 2020 at the Hearthstone World Championship. This will be the 7th edition of the event which will be played online due to the recent pandemic consequences. The best aspect of the title is its cross-platform mode where players can play against each other from any supported device.

The Hearthstone World Championship is an advanced or the ultimate stage of Hearthstone Masters system. The newly devised Masters system consists of three competitive levels:

a) Hearthstone Masters Qualifiers – entry level

b) Hearthstone Masters Tours – Live Global tours

c) Hearthstone Grandmasters – Topmost level

Like every year 8 best players in the world will be fighting it out among themselves. 2 players will be selected from each region – the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and China.

The matches will be live on Hearthstone Esports YouTube channel. And the viewership reaches a very decent number as well. When the prizepool is $500,000, the interest among the players is bound to be overwhelming!

The last edition was won by VKLiooon from China, the only female gamer who has lifted the crown of a winner at BlizzCon. As it was held in the month of November, we can expect the same to be happening this year as well. However a change this year will be in its format! The Conquest match format will be in place, in stead of Shield-Face Conquest match which was used in 2019 championship.

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