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Dota 2: The International with the biggest prize pool in esports!

Dota 2

Dota 2 has been continuously adding to the amount of the prize pool for their annual World Championship event, The International. Since 2015 Dota 2 is holding the topmost slot of the biggest esports event based on the total prize pool. From $18.43 million U.S. dollars in 2015 to $34.3 million in 2019 reveals its dominance over esports as the most lucrative title in the history!

However TI 10 has been postponed indefinitely till 2021 due to ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. It was supposed to take place in Sweden in the month of August, 2020.

How is the prize pool getting bigger every year?

The developers of the game, Valve brings out a battle pass every year which is an in game purchase item. A mammoth crowdfunding generates out of its sales; Valve has also confirmed that 25% of its sales will be used as a prize pool for the TI 10. This crowdfunding contributed almost $33 million US dollars for the TI 19. Keep in mind! That’s only 25% of its total sales from the battle pass. And one can simply calculate how much it gives to Valve in a year!

But what is this battle pass about?

Basically these are in game purchases, previously called ‘compendiums’, that guarantee you a few special features starting from participating in an event, access to its features and earn cosmetic items. The battle pass end date was September 19, 2020 for the TI 10 which is really far fetched because of the uncertainty that lies ahead with its date yet to be confirmed!

Irrespective of many uncertainties for the next TI, Dota 2 is getting bigger by the day. Esports can lead towards a new vista following their footsteps!

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