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Fifa 21: Icon SBCs are back again this year!

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Fifa 20 was released last year with a few changes that didn’t go that well with the gamers. One of the changes was its Icon Swaps. It replaced Icon SBCs compelling the gamers to grind even more throughout the season. But ultimately the Fifa fraternity didn’t seem to be too happy with the change.

The gamers are always willing to get their hands on the desired icons to get their FUT squad soaring. This year EA has decided to bring back the Icon SBCs.

The first Icon SBC will be Live on Fifa 21 late in November, 2020. The SBCs will only become active after these Icons are being released in the transfer market for a specific period of time. EA has also confirmed that these SBCs will be active for a decent period of time but not permanently. These SBCs might also return during the later stage of the game but with revised requirements making it more accessible to the gamers. But who will be waiting that late into the game?

However the Icon Swaps will still be there where one has to earn Tokens with different objectives to fulfil. One can earn an Icon redeeming specific number of Token(s) which varies from one Icon to another. This will begin in the month of December, 2020.

EA has declared that any icon released through SBCs won’t be available in the Icon Swaps and the vice-versa. So get ready to give your FUT squad a head start from the very beginning of the game. With 10 hour Early Access starting on October 1, 2020, the excitement and the expectations are getting sky high! So stay tuned to 🎮🎮 for more articles on esports.

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