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Want to be a PRO? Analysis is the best mantra!

best mantra

Esports has been on the rise for quite sometime now; in fact the latest pandemic consequences have rather fuelled its ascent. People spending more time at home are looking for options to keep themselves engaged, and the virtual platform is providing them the best option to do it!

The rookie as well as the professional gamers are taking the help of data analytics to evaluate and analyse their in-game exploits. The way coaches and the analysts use the recorded and the collected data in real-life sports to find out the shortcomings of their own and opponent’s display, the esports arena follows the very same way.

Titles like League of Legends, Fifa and a few more give substantial records and data of the previous duels after the game; any one can put the in game statistics through analytics platforms to chalk out new and different strategies against his opponent(s).

Platforms like Mobalytics, Tobii (by Santa Monica) use varied ways of breaking down the game into a piece of study material for the gamers. Mobalytics use in game data to put it into a piece of an algorithm for the players to look at and examine; whereas Tobii is planning to use its Eye Tracker 5 with Mobalytics to be implemented. Interesting use of technology in esports!

But how does this Eye Tracker work?

It has a series of sensors along with two cameras attached to the monitor which continuously tracks the gamer’s gaze to calibrate. Thereafter through Mobalytics analyser, it checks whether the gamer is aware of the blind spot and instructs the gamer to look at the right spot.

The things that matter in esports: fast decision making, quick reaction time, in-depth study of the opponents; data analytics tool can really give you an edge over your counterpart. So be proactive in sharpening your skills to compete at the professional level! Stay tuned to 🌍🌍 for more articles on esports.

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