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CS:GO – ESL and Dreamhack published their 2021 schedule!

The whole calendar schedule in 2020 has gone through many changes due to Covid-19 and its consequences, but Dreamhack and ESL want to make it up in the new season. 

They have already brought out their calendar of events to be held in 2021. However the events are still very distant at present! But from ESL’s point of view this has only been done to give the gamers ample time to rewind and rejuvenate their mind before each tourney. This year there was a schedule of 10 events to be held before pandemic shook the whole world, but in 2021 there will be 2 less, that is, 8 events will be in place. This is also being done keeping in mind the necessity of reducing the amount of travel one has to do! 

ESL explains this early release of event dates as a step towards giving relief to the gamers from the mental fatigue and abundant time to introspect, to do an in depth analysis leading towards the next event. The total prize pool including all the events for the calendar year 2021 amounts to $4.5 million. The figure might increase if a few more events get added to that list later on!

The series of CS:GO events will start rolling with IEM Katowice for Poland region with 24 teams fighting for a prize pool of $1,000,000 in the month of February,  2021. The concluding one will be taking place for the Asian region with 16 teams playing for a prize pool of $250,000. It will take place from December 2 till December 12, 2021. The only thing that must be taken into consideration that these dates can’t be marked red as of now; pandemic is yet to pass by. 

So stay at home, until or unless it’s really needed to go out and stay tuned to 🎮🎮 for more updates on esports.

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