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Amnesia Rebirth – The Gothic horror to return after 10 years!

‘Amnesia: The Dark Descent’, its first edition was released 10 years back by Frictional Games. A long time has passed since then with so much development of the technological aspects in the meantime.

But now the developers want to mould the title with some precise storytelling in its sequel, ‘Amnesia: Rebirth’. This time they are very much aware of gamers’ liking towards immersiveness.

What changes have been brought in?

The tinder-boxes which were used in game in its first edition to lit up the surrounding now has been replaced with matchsticks keeping in mind the period of the game set around the 1930s. These matchsticks are more adept in creating an aura of a horror title. The in-game protagonist has to be careful about his pace of movement while using a matchstick. 

In Rebirth, Tasi, the protagonist, is suffering from a fatal disease. And it worsens with each scary moment she passes by making her too vulnerable. The graph of Tasi’s health unfolds as she moves on in game. The prime theme of a horror game of being scared has been made into an indispensable part of Tasi’s journey through the desert of Algeria. Amidst this journey, she will be trying to figure out her shattered past. 

Thomas Grip, the creative Director, sums it up in his PlayStation blog saying that they have tried their best to make it real! That fear! That terror! it might run through your spine till you reach the climax! Another aspect he remarked that their protagonist is rather a vulnerable one in stead of being a superpower. A story of intrigue throughout!

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