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Charanjot ‘chelseaCJ12’ Singh

Charanjot ‘chelseaCJ12’ Singh is a class 11th student from Chandigarh who loves football and is a fan of Chelsea Football Club. He started playing FIFA casuallyin 2013 and never thought he would end up becoming one of the India’s top Professional Esports Athlete. Charanjot is the youngest Indian to win a national title which he won at the age of 15, since then he has 5 National Titles under his belt. He won his first ever international tournament in Malaysia in 2019. Charanjot has finished 30-0 in Weekend League on FIFA 20 twice and has also finished in in the Top 100 in the world on FIFA 20 three times which is the most by an Indian this year.

Hritik ‘Hritik28’ Shikare

Hritik ‘Hritik28’ Shikare is a 19-year-old FIFA Esports Athlete based out of Mumbai. He is very passionate about football which led him to start playing FIFA. He played his first tournament when he was 15 years old at a local gaming café where he finished runner up. He has since won a number of domestic tournaments. Hritik has achieved a Top 100 place in Weekend League on FIFA 20 this year and he consistently finishes Elite during the Weekend League.

Karan ‘Diabolical’ Singh

Karan ‘Diabolical’ Singh is a FIFA Esports Athelete who followed his passion & love for the game of football while rocking a 9 to 9 job 6 days a week. He started playing competitive FIFA at the age of 18. He has won over 15 domestic titles and also won the Smaash FIFA Championship in 2018. He won the Dreamhack Mumbai, 2019 FIFA tournament as well as Liebherr Farwell FIFA 18 championship. Karan consistently finishes Elite in Weekend League on FIFA 20 and has already achieved 28-2 this year.

Lokmanyu ‘lokmanyu06’ Chaturvedi

Lokmanyu ‘lokmanyu06’ Chaturvedi is a 23-year-old FIFA Esports Athlete from New Delhi. He started playing FIFA competitively in 2018 and has been consistently considered as one of the Top FIFA players in India. Lokmanyu has won over 35 domestic titles in India across both online and offline tournaments and has also played 2 international tournaments in Malaysia and Singapore. Lokmanyu is a two-time runner up in National Championships. He streams regularly through his youtube channel and is a verified FIFA Ultimate Team player. He has got multiple Elite finishes in FIFA 20 this year with his best finish being 27-3 in the Weekend League.

Sagnik ‘uncle_sagnik02’ Banerjee

Sagnik‘uncle_sagnik02’ Banerjee is a 17 year old FIFA Esports Athlete sponsored by ‘The Domination Squad’ who started playing FIFA since his 8th grade. He has been playing competitively for the last 3 years and has managed to carve out a niche for himself as someone who uses skills and tactics to the best of their use in-game. Sagnik has won over 25 domestic titles over the years and has also won the LXG Minor in Mumbai. He consistently finishes Elite 1 in Weekend League on FIFA 20 and has achieved 28-2 twice this year.

Saksham ‘Sakky’ Rattan

Saksham ‘Sakky’ Rattan is a Civil engineer turned pro esports athlete. He started playing FIFA competitively 5 years ago and won the second event he playedin. Saksham has since consistently played and won tournaments across India and in 2019 also won his first international tournament in Malaysia. He secured a top 100 in the world finish in February on FIFA 20 and was ranked 12th in the Rest of the World region. Saksham signed his professional contract with Futbolist, a Turkish esports team which boasts a roster of world-renowned players like Boras legend and Isopowerr and has renowned footballer Nuri Sahin as one of their Investors. Saksham has played the FIFA Global Series FUT Champions Qualifiers 4 and 5 from Instanbul, Turkey.

Saransh ‘saranshjain7’ Jain

Saransh ‘saranshjain7’ Jainis18 years old based out of Pune and has been FIFA competitively for 2 years now. He has won a host of tournaments including ESL Asia Season 2, King of Games, Maldives. He is also the winner of Virtual Bundesliga India and has also played 4 international tournaments in Singapore, Germany and Maldives. Saransh has been consistently finishing Elite in Weekend League on FIFA 20 with his best finish being 29-1.

Siddh ‘M10Jenasid’ Chandarana

Siddh“M10jenasid” Chandarana is professional FIFA Esports Athlete for M10esportswhich is owned by Arsenal and German superstar Mesut Ozil. He started off playing FIFA casually back in 2007 and has been playing competitively for the last 5 years. Siddh became the second Indian FIFA Esports Athlete to be playing for a European Esports team. He has won a plethora of tournaments over the years including the Supporters Club Champions Cup, Mumbai Esports Championship, Virtual Bundesliga Delhi and Dream hack India 2019. He consistently achieves Elite 1 in Weekend League on FIFA 20 with his highest finish of 30-0 this year.

Sufi ‘ThunderBeard’ Patel

Sufi ‘ThunderBeard’ Patel is a Professional Esports FIFA player and a Computer science engineer based out of Pune. He first played FIFA back in 2004 but did not start playing competitively till 2014. Sufi has since amassed a host of domestic titles like back to back titles at the FIFA Championship Gujrat. He also won the Dreamhack 2019 FIFA tournament and has finished 2nd runner up in Ludus pro and AFGC Nationals. He has also finished with 26 wins on Weekend League multiple times in FIFA 20.

Vanshaj ‘V-SHARMA10’ Sharma

Vanshaj‘V-SHARMA10’ Sharma is a 16 year old FIFA Esports Athlete from Mumbai. He is passionate about football and started playing FIFA competitively when he was 14 years old. He won the first ever tournament he played in and has since then won multiple online and offline tournaments. Vanshaj has been consistently finishing Elite in Weekend League on FIFA 20 with his best finish being 28-2 this year.